"One Year & Beyond" shows the day to day experiences of Aileen as she lives with her boyfriend, Jonas, in the bustling city of Metro Manila, Philippines.

"One Year..." because the house is leased for a year. "...& Beyond"? because what the couple will be doing after the house contract expires is undecided yet.

Day 1: February 12, 2013 ♥

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Day 337
January 21, 2014

A day of work, and a day of surprise! I was so surprised when I saw that I’ve been featured in http://BloggersPH.com/ as one of the best Filipino blogs and bloggers from the Philippines! 

WOOOOT! Thank you so much to the creator of this website for acknowledging me <3

If you want to check my lifestlye & travel blog, check it here: http://www.iamaileen.com/

Day 336
January 20, 2014

After a brief trip to the hospital again for follow-up check-ups, we then proceeded to Solaire! :D

This hotel has been around for quite some time already, though new, and it’s just now that we checked it out since Jonas heard that the poker games here could be quite good! :)

So we dressed up fancy (woot, woot!) and then we headed over here. And boy, this was really a casino hotel! The whole lobby was a casino floor, and Jonas said that this was exactly how hotels were in Macau :)))

While Jonas was on his games, I took time going around and observing all these people who were mostly old, obviously spending all their pension LOL on roulette games, etc. Damn, legit gamblers!

I don’t refer to Jonas as one of these people though, because these people could have a ‘problem’ of addiction, but Jonas on the other hand does a more calculated game, that uses skills. And he always knows his limits, and I trust his judgement, so yeah. I’m not really worried about him :P

Anyways, in between, since Solaire provides shuttle service, I took a brief trip to MOA which was just beside it and then bought a book: The Book Thief! Due to good reviews that I read online.

And when I got back, I was planning on reading it while Jonas played his game, but apparently, he wouldn’t stay longer since there were no PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) games.

So, we went to dinner instead! We went to this Japanese place: Yakumi and their food was great! We especially loved their wagyu plate. Gaaaahd, it was like sex. LOL :)))))) 

After dinner, before we went home, we saw this live band playing and checked it out… They were singing ballroom songs! And it was amazing since some old people were on front, dancing along with it! HAHA! It seemed like a regular thing since some of these couples were really prepared: dance steps, costumes, and all :))) haha! We had fun staying and watching these people while enjoying the good music from the band <3

Overall, you can say that we had a really great night! Jonas also had a good time playing poker, and won a bit ;) So, horray!

Day 335
January 19, 2014

Would you try PORTALEDGE camping? :P Apparently, it’s what wall climbers usually do when they have a big/long climb. Yeah. They set up camp right there. LOL. CUHRAAAZZZZYYYY. But I guess, though intensely terrifying, I would love to try this out one day, and hope to the heavens that I don’t fall off LOL

Anyhoo… nothing much today, except that early AM today, I did a very embarrassing thing and Jonas caught me :( -prepare for cryptic overload- I am very ashamed, since it’s a past issue that’s rising up again, and I had to apologize to him. He was disappointed in me, but I was MORE disappointed in myself :( Nonetheless, I’m really working hard on it. I can be such an awful person sometimes, but I am really thankful that Jonas is there to support me and urge me on that I can change. 

-sigh- AND I WILL! Really! I have been doing great the past months. It just so happened that I was tempted so… forgive me baby for my sudden weakness. (hug) And I love you for still believing strongly in me <3

Day 334
January 16-18, 2014

Nothing much really happened on the 16th, but come 17, we embarked on our journey to Anilao, Batangas’ Eagle Point Resort for my free diving trip due to my winning of Nuffnang & Garnier’s contest :D

We were picked up here at home, and once we arrived at the resort, we had to take not of how old it was… like really old. HAHA! Not a lot of people were there, but we could sea a lot of diving enthusiasts (mostly foreigners).

I seriously thought that this trip would be a bummer, but once our introductory class to diving started (clad in full diving gear), and our actual diving experience happened…. WHOA. We were BLOWN AWAY!

The corals in this area was divine!!! It was so colorful and there were even a LOT of fishes! I didn’t expect it to be such an epic experience, and clearly, Jonas enjoyed it very much as well! He admitted that he initially thought that he would hate it, but surprisingly, he didn’t!

Also, it was a bit scary for me as well at first because I had visions of me sinking to the bottom of the deep sea bed LOL but gladly, I floated! Well, our instructor was there to guide us anyways :3 

Overall: I will do this again!!! Jonas would also love for his parents to experience this too :D

Day 331
January 15, 2014

Lots of things happened today:

  • AIESEC Interview = which took a while since the interviewer asked a LOT of questions! WHEW! I hope I pass… I believe I’ll pass! HAHA! But yeah. It has been a bit rough, but I think I did really good :) I also saw Philip Peralta waiting in the room after my interview (an underclassmen back in high school, in Batanes) and it was quite a surprise :)
  • Block Dinner = Elle Jaye was in Manila so we took the chance to organize a dinner. It was in Makati so right after my interview, I went there directly, and to my surprise… my ex was there. My ex who BLOCKED me on Facebook and who obviously seems to still hold anger towards me :)))) So it was a bit awkward meeting him and Elle Jaye (since we were the first ones to arrive) but it was funny, trying to antagonize my ex… he really can’t look at me straight. LOL this guy should seriously grow up, man up, and forget about the past. Sheesh. It’s so hard to try and talk to him. Oh well :)))
  • Wolf of Wall Street = I had to leave the dinner a bit early on since Jonas and I were going to watch this movie…. FULL OF HOOKERS AND BLOW!!! LOL it’s a real R18 movie HAHA like it might just be the 1st Hollywood movie I saw that has a LOT of sex scenes! But it has its funny moments! We had to watch it, though long (3 hours!) since there was a lot of hype about it! Now I understand the hype (Leonardo’s acting was superb! And hilarious!) but other than that, I don’t see much value to this comedy movie, aside from wanting to have a few laughs and wanting to see the HOT BODY of the female lead (shit, she was really hot! Jonas and I agreed on this one!). But yeah, other than that, this just showed one of the types of the world’s lowest scum :))))) Still was an entertaining night though! :)